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Moby Dick Restaurant

Saipan Moby Dick Restaurant  From East Coast
We serve a Fresh Seafood
  Northern Mariana Island SAIPAN

No.1 Seafood & Lobster Restaurant in Saipan

Fresh Seafood <H2>No.1 Seafood & Lobster Restaurant in Saipan</H2> OutSide
Moby Dick Restaurant is in front of Countryhouse restaurant.

The Part of the MENU.


Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon with sliced onion and olive oil.


Fried Calamari
Soft calamari breaded and deep-fried.


★Live Maine Lobster

Fresh juicy Maine Lobster (24oz) cooked according to your choice of steam or roast with tartar sauce and butter sauce,finadeni sauce.
Fresh juicy Maine Lobster Lobster Island Style

Fresh juicy Lobster cooked according to your choice,
steam or roast with tartar sauce and soy vinegar sauce.

Rock Lobster

Lobster Thermidor (1/2) and Tenderloin Steak (5oz)
Lobster gratin (1/2) and juicy Tenderloin steak (5oz)
Rock Lobster

Roast Lobster (16oz) and Tenderloin Steak (5oz)
Roasted tender juicy Lobster (15oz) and juicy Tenderloin steak (5oz)


Local Bottom Fish (Deep Fried, Steamed, or Grilled) Island fisherman's catch fresh bottom fish, Cooked according to your choice.Deep-fried, steamed or grilled.
$ 14.50

Sea Food Brochette
Assorted seafood char-broiled.
$ 14.50


Lobster New Orleans
Grilled Lobster Cajun Steamed Shrimp Mustard Souse w/ Today’s Pasta.

Moby Dick Crab Cake
Try our American traditional crab cake & grilled Fish.

The theme is an American fishing port.
We purchase a fresh fish & Lobster every day.