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常夏のビーチリゾートウエルカム サイパン
The Countryhouse Restaurant is the most popular restaurant in Saipan.
The Moby Dick is best seafood restaurant on the island.

Countryhouse Restaurant Please enjoy delicious Angus beef by security selected carefully by a CAB program in the countryhouse.
Moby Dick restaurant Enjoy Local fresh fish & Local Lobster & .
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Saipan Countryhouse & Moby Dick Restaurant

Enjoy Summer Beach Resort!
Angus Beef
New Menu!!
Angus Beef Certified Angus Beef ®
Angus Beef Tongue Stew w/ hot vegetable
Angus Beef
Well-stewed beef tongue and some vegetables, such as carrot and snow peas, with original brown sauce. You must become a fan of the tender bite!
Tongue stew
Pork tenderloin steak w/ original mushroom tomato sauce
Start with a town that has an appetite for eating adventurously, season it with every culture in the world, and roast it in 365 days of absolutely perfect grilling weather, and voila! You have the story of Farmer John, a local Southern California company, full of Southern California locals.
porkloin Steak

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